What Should a Year 7 Have in Their Pencil Case?

As children transition from the early stages of primary education to the more advanced realms of Key Stage 2, their academic needs undergo significant changes. Among these changes is the shift from relying solely on pencils for writing to incorporating pens into their toolkits. Additionally, as mathematics becomes more complex, the inclusion of a basic calculator in their pencil case becomes a practical necessity. However, it’s important to note that each school may have specific requirements, and it’s advisable to consult the provided list of necessary items before making any purchases. Some schools may even specify the preferred make or model of calculator or pen, emphasizing the importance of double-checking the school's guidelines. By being mindful of these considerations, parents can ensure that their Year 7 child's pencil case is equipped with the essential tools needed to support their academic journey.

What Do You Put in a Pencil Case for Year 7?

When preparing a pencil case for Year 7, it’s important to consider the various stationery items that will be needed throughout the school day. Pencils, including standard pencils and coloured pencils, are a necessity for any student. These will be used for writing, drawing, and shading tasks. Ballpoint pens in various colours such as blue, black, red, and green should also be included, as they’re versatile tools for note-taking and completing assignments.

In addition to pencils and pens, highlighters or markers are crucial for marking important information in textbooks or notes. These colourful tools allow students to emphasize and remember key points. A fountain pen may also be beneficial, particularly for those who prefer a more elegant writing experience.

An eraser and a rubber should also be placed in the pencil case. These tools are essential for correcting mistakes and ensuring neatness in written work. Scissors are another essential item that may come in handy for arts and crafts projects or for cutting out materials for presentations. Finally, a small tube of glue should be included for any sticking requirements throughout the school day.

Other items that can be added to a pencil case for Year 7 include a ruler, a protractor, and a small calculator. These tools are often needed for maths and science classes, where measurements and calculations are frequently required. It’s important to choose a pencil case that’s durable and able to hold all the necessary stationery items securely. Additionally, personal preferences and specific requirements for each subject should be taken into account when selecting the contents of the pencil case.

Colored Gel Pens for Adding a Pop of Color to Notes and Assignments

Colorful gel pens are a popular choice among students and note-takers who want to enhance their notes and assignments with a vibrant touch. These pens use a gel-based ink that flows smoothly and allows for bold, vivid lines. By using colored gel pens, individuals can add a pop of color to their written work, making it visually appealing and helping important information stand out. Whether it’s highlighting keywords, drawing attention to key points, or simply adding some creativity to their notes, these gel pens offer a fun and practical way to make written work more engaging.


In summary, when it comes to what a year 7 student should have in their pencil case, the transition from pencils to pens for writing and the inclusion of a basic calculator for mathematics are important considerations. However, it’s crucial to note that most schools provide a specific list of required items, which may even specify certain brands or models of calculators and pens. Hence, it’s wise to double-check with the school's guidelines before purchasing anything.

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