What Pens Use Jowo Nibs?

Fountain pen enthusiasts rejoice, for the beloved JoWo nibs from Germany have made their way into the world of Conklin and Monteverde pens! This exciting development means that all pens from these esteemed brands, utilizing the ever-popular #6 nib, will now feature the renowned JoWo nibs.

Does Conklin Use JoWo Nibs?

Conklin is a well-known brand in the pen industry, highly regarded for it’s quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. One of the key features that sets Conklin pens apart is their use of JoWo nibs. JoWo nibs have earned a solid reputation for their smoothness and reliability, making them a popular choice among pen enthusiasts.

The JC6E feed and housing, a design innovation introduced by Conklin, allows for the seamless integration of JoWo #6 nibs into modern Conklin pens. This compatibility not only expands the range of nib options available to writers but also enhances the overall performance of the nib itself.

The primary advantage of using the JC6E feed and housing is the increased ink flow it provides. By carefully regulating the flow of ink to the nib, this system ensures a consistent and reliable writing experience. Whether you prefer a wetter or drier ink flow, the JC6E feed can be adjusted to suit your writing style and preferences.

This leads to improved line consistency and eliminates any potential skipping or blotching issues that may arise with conventional nib and feed systems.

The result is a smooth, reliable writing experience with improved ink flow and regulation.

The Benefits and Characteristics of JoWo Nibs in General

JoWo nibs are a type of fountain pen nibs that offer multiple benefits and unique characteristics. They’re known for their smoothness, consistent ink flow, and reliability. JoWo nibs are typically tried and tested, providing a high level of quality assurance. They’re also versatile and widely used across various brands and models. These nibs are favored by many fountain pen enthusiasts for their consistent performance, making them a popular choice for both beginners and experienced writers.

When it comes to pens that feature a JoWo #6 housing, there are several notable brands that come to mind. Franklin Christoph, known for their exceptional craftsmanship, incorporates the JoWo 6 into many of their popular models. Birmingham Pen Co., Schon Dsgn, and Opus 88 (specifically the Jazz and Demo models) also utilize this housing in their pens. Additionally, the Esterbrook Estie and various small custom pen makers are known to favor the JoWo #6 as well.

What Pens Use a JoWo 6?

The Jowo #6 housing is a popular choice among pen enthusiasts and collectors due to it’s versatility and compatibility with a wide range of writing instruments. One of the most notable brands that utilize this housing is Franklin Christoph. Known for their exceptional craftsmanship and unique designs, Franklin Christoph pens that feature a Jowo #6 nib are highly sought after by pen enthusiasts. Their combination of precision engineering and fine writing make them a favorite among avid writers.

Schon Dsgn is yet another brand that relies on the Jowo #6 housing for some of their pen models, such as the Jazz and Demo. Schon Dsgn pens are known for their compact and minimalist designs, making them perfect for everyday carry.

Opus 88, a brand admired for it’s modern and innovative designs, also incorporates the Jowo #6 housing in some of their pen models. Notably, the Jazz and Demo models from Opus 88 offer the versatility of a Jowo #6 nib, allowing users to experience the brands exceptional craftsmanship coupled with a smooth and effortless writing experience.

Esterbrook, a renowned pen manufacturer with a rich history dating back to the mid-1800s, has embraced the Jowo #6 housing in their Estie model.

These boutique pen makers often produce unique and one-of-a-kind pens, allowing pen enthusiasts to find a personalized writing instrument tailored to their preferences.

Other Pen Brands That Use the Jowo #6 Housing

Several pen brands utilize the Jowo #6 housing, a standardized pen part that allows for easy interchangeability of nibs. This enables users to swap out nibs from different brands that use this housing, providing increased versatility and customization options. These pens are popular among pen enthusiasts for their compatibility and ability to create a unique writing experience.

According to a representative, there seems to be a difference between JoWo and Schmidt nibs, despite the former being manufactured by the latter. The representative mentioned that the feed and setting of Schmidt nibs are unique, making it challenging to interchange them with standard JoWo or Bock nibs. However, she did note that certain customers have successfully fitted Benu fountain pens with gold JoWo nibs by seeking the expertise of a skilled nibmeister to adjust the feed and setting.

Are JoWo and Schmidt Nibs Interchangeable?

There’s been much debate and confusion surrounding the compatibility of JoWo and Schmidt nibs in the world of fountain pens. Many enthusiasts wonder if these two nibs can be easily interchanged. A representative from a renowned pen manufacturer shed some light on this matter. According to her, even though Schmidt nibs are made by JoWo, they feature their own unique feed and setting. This means that standard JoWo and Bock nibs can’t be easily swapped with Schmidt nibs.

The representative further explained that while it may be challenging to interchange these nibs, some clients have managed to fit gold JoWo nibs onto their Benu fountain pens. However, this requires the expertise of a skilled nibmeister, who can alter the feed and setting to ensure proper compatibility.

It’s important to note that this information is based on the insight provided by one representative and should be considered as such. Therefore, it’s always recommended to consult with an expert or seek professional advice before attempting any modifications or interchanges with fountain pen nibs.

In the world of fountain pen enthusiasts, the topic of nib interchangeability sparks intriguing discussions. The case of JoWo and Schmidt nibs is an example of this complexity.

This process requires the expertise of a nibmeister, who possesses the skills necessary to make the necessary modifications. By engaging a professional with specialized knowledge, it becomes possible to achieve a compatible fit between these two components.

The interchangeability of JoWo and Schmidt nibs isn’t straightforward due to the differences in their feeds and settings.

The Difference Between JoWo and Bock Nibs

JoWo and Bock are two popular manufacturers of fountain pen nibs. While the performance and quality of both brands are often praised by pen enthusiasts, there are some slight differences between them. JoWo nibs are known for their smoothness and consistent ink flow, offering a pleasant writing experience. On the other hand, Bock nibs are often regarded for their unique and distinct character, providing a noticeable feedback or “toothiness” when writing. Additionally, Bock nibs tend to have a slightly stiffer feel, which some writers may prefer for a controlled and precise writing style. Overall, the choice between JoWo and Bock nibs comes down to personal preference and the desired writing experience.

Among our brands, you’ll find nibs manufactured by JoWo for several renowned fountain pen companies, including Montegrappa, Esterbrook, Conklin, and TWSBI. These brands have trusted JoWo’s expertise in crafting high-quality nibs for exceptional writing experiences. Explore the diverse range of pens from these brands and discover the precision and smoothness that JoWo nibs bring to each writing instrument.

Which Brands Use JoWo Nibs?

JoWo, a renowned German company specializing in the production of high-quality nibs, has formed fruitful partnerships with several prestigious brands. Montegrappa, a legendary Italian manufacturer of luxury writing instruments, recognizes the excellence of JoWo nibs and incorporates them into their exquisite pens. This collaboration ensures that Montegrappa customers experience the smooth writing experience and exceptional craftsmanship that JoWo nibs are renowned for.

Another brand that embraces JoWo nibs is Esterbrook, a company with a rich heritage dating back to the 19th century. Esterbrooks commitment to providing their customers with superior writing instruments led them to collaborate with JoWo in the production of their nibs. By utilizing JoWo nibs, Esterbrook can offer a seamless and enjoyable writing experience, satisfying even the most discerning pen enthusiasts.

Conklin, an American brand recognized for it’s elegant and innovative pens, has also joined forces with JoWo. The combination of Conklins craftsmanship and JoWos nib expertise creates a harmonious fusion of form and function.

Furthermore, TWSBI, a Taiwanese brand known for it’s affordability and exceptional quality, has chosen JoWo nibs for their pens. By partnering with JoWo, TWSBI can offer their customers a reliable and enjoyable writing experience at an accessible price point. This collaboration enables TWSBI to deliver on their commitment to providing well-crafted pens that are accessible to a wide range of pen enthusiasts.

When it comes to the difference between Bock and JoWo nibs, it primarily lies in their characteristics and writing experience. Bock fine nibs have a reputation for writing wider, an aspect that enthusiasts have highlighted. On the other hand, JoWo’s STUB point is known for it’s rounded edges, providing a more forgiving writing experience. Bock, with it’s sharper point, offers greater accuracy, resulting in an overall satisfying writing experience.

What Is the Difference Between a Bock Nib and a JoWo Nib?

The difference between a Bock nib and a JoWo nib lies in their respective characteristics and writing experiences. One noticeable distinction is in the width of their fine nibs. Bock fine nibs have been known to write wider, a factor that’s been highlighted by those who’ve had the opportunity to test them. This wider width may appeal to individuals who prefer a bolder line and a more substantial presence on paper.

In terms of writing experience, JoWos STUB point showcases a distinctive feature. The edges of the STUB point are rounded, providing a more forgiving writing sensation. This aspect allows for a smoother glide across the paper, reducing the chances of catching or scratching the surface. Alternatively, Bock nibs tend to be sharper in comparison, which enhances the precision and accuracy of the content being written. This sharpness can contribute to a precise and controlled writing experience, particularly for those looking for utmost accuracy in their strokes.

It’s worth noting that both Bock and JoWo have earned positive reputations within the fountain pen community. Regardless of the choice made, both Bock and JoWo present reliable and reputable options for fountain pen enthusiasts seeking a high-quality writing instrument.


In conclusion, the transition towards JoWo nibs for all Conklin and Monteverde pens that use a #6 nib is a significant step towards enhancing the quality and performance of these writing instruments. As fountain pen enthusiasts can attest, JoWo nibs, meticulously manufactured in Germany, have gained a strong reputation for being trusted, reliable, and highly appreciated. This implementation not only showcases a commitment to providing customers with a superior writing experience but also solidifies the position of Conklin and Monteverde as reputable brands within the fountain pen community.

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