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The market share of Bic pens, one of the most recognizable and renowned brands in the world of writing instruments, has experienced significant growth since it’s inception. Bic, a French company with a longstanding history in producing high-quality and affordable pens, has managed to capture a substantial portion of the global market. With it’s wide range of products, including ballpoint pens, rollerballs, and mechanical pencils, Bic has become a go-to choice for consumers across various demographics. The brand's commitment to innovation and consistent quality has undoubtedly contributed to it’s success in garnering a considerable market share.

How Popular Is BIC?

BIC, renowned for it’s pens, has undoubtedly established itself as a global household name. Known for it’s reliability, affordability, and quality, BIC has garnered immense popularity worldwide. In fact, it’s estimated that a BIC pen is sold every 3 seconds across the globe, further solidifying it’s position as one of the most sought-after writing instrument brands.

When examining the ownership structure of BIC, it becomes evident that the Bich family holds a significant stake in the brand, owning 45% of it’s shares. This substantial ownership interest showcases their continued involvement and dedication to the brands success. Additionally, the remaining 55% of shares are owned by shareholders, demonstrating the confidence and support of investors in BICs growth potential.

Consumers have come to rely on BIC for their daily writing needs, appreciating the brands commitment to producing dependable pens that consistently exceed expectations.

BICs widespread presence across various sectors reinforces it’s position as a trusted and reliable writing instrument brand.

BIC’s Expansion Into Other Product Lines: Discuss BIC’s Expansion Beyond Pens and It’s Success in Other Product Categories, Such as Lighters, Razors, and Stationery.

  • BIC’s expansion beyond pens
  • Success in other product categories:
    • Lighters
    • Razors
    • Stationery

The sheer number of BIC pens in the world is staggering. Since it’s establishment in 1945, BIC has become a prominent global brand, renowned for it’s lighters and pens. In fact, BIC has sold over 100 billion ballpoint pens worldwide, a figure that’s difficult to comprehend. To put it into perspective, this quantity of pens would be enough to draw a line to the moon and back over 320,000 times. Such an accomplishment speaks to the enduring popularity and widespread use of BIC pens.

How Many BIC Pens Are There in the World?

Since it’s establishment in 1945, Bic, the renowned French manufacturing corporation, has become a global leader in the production of lighters, pens, and shaving goods. Through it’s iconic brand, Bic has sold an astonishing number of pens worldwide, surpassing the incredible milestone of 100 billion ballpoint pens. This impressive figure alone is enough to boggle the mind and spark curiosity about the actual number of Bic pens currently in existence.

To put this into perspective, one could imagine a line drawn from the Earth to the moon and back repeatedly. In fact, Bics collective pen sales would allow for this line to be drawn more than 320,000 times! This staggering statistic not only demonstrates the vast reach of Bics products but also highlights their enduring popularity and impact on a global scale.

Considering that Bic has been in operation for over seven decades, it’s safe to assume that a significant portion of these billions of pens might no longer be in circulation. Many of them have likely been used, lost, or disposed of over time.

These pens are found in schools, offices, homes, and countless other locations. Whether used for writing, drawing, or simply as a convenient tool, Bic pens have become synonymous with reliability and affordability. From students taking notes in classrooms to professionals jotting down important information during meetings, Bic pens have become an essential part of everyday life for many people.

This incredible achievement by Bic serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of Marcel Bich, the companys founder, and the continued importance of their high-quality, accessible writing instruments in todays fast-paced world.

The History and Evolution of Bic Pens.

  • Bic pens were first introduced in 1950.
  • Marcel Bich, a Frenchman, co-founded the Bic company and developed the ballpoint pen.
  • The first Bic pen, known as the Bic Cristal, was launched in 1950.
  • It became popular due to it’s affordability and reliability.
  • Bic pens are recognized for their iconic clear plastic barrel and hexagonal shape.
  • In 1973, Bic introduced the Bic Orange, a retractable ballpoint pen.
  • Over the years, Bic has expanded it’s product line to include various types of pens, markers, and other writing instruments.
  • Bic pens are now available in different colors, ink types, and tip sizes.
  • Today, Bic is one of the leading pen manufacturers worldwide.
  • The evolution of Bic pens has seen advancements in ink technology, ergonomic designs, and environmental sustainability.
  • They continue to be popular writing instruments for everyday use.

Source: It’s 70 today, but our favourite pen just keeps rolling along

At the same time, BIC faces competition from other lighter manufacturers and alternative smoking methods, making it crucial for the company to maintain it’s market share and expand it’s product offerings. Despite these challenges, BIC has remained a dominant player in the lighter industry, consistently generating substantial revenue from this product category.

How Much Money Does BIC Make on Lighters?

5 from the U.S. International Trade Commission to block the importation of certain lighters made in China. The company claimed that these lighters infringed on it’s patented design and posed a safety risk due to their faulty mechanism.

BICs focus on the production of lighters has proven to be a highly profitable venture for the company. With revenue of $2.2 billion in the latest fiscal year, lighters accounted for a significant portion, bringing in $767.3 million or approximately 35% of the total revenue. This underscores the importance of the lighter business for BIC, even among it’s diverse product portfolio that includes pens, markers, and shavers.

The companys decision to pursue legal action against Chinese counterfeit lighters demonstrates it’s commitment to protecting it’s patented designs and ensuring product safety. By seeking an order from the U.S. International Trade Commission to block the importation of these lighters, BIC aims to maintain it’s market position and prevent the flow of potentially dangerous counterfeit products.

The company has built a strong brand image over the years, being recognized as a trusted manufacturer of dependable and safe lighters. This has helped it establish a loyal customer base, further contributing to it’s revenue and overall financial performance.

In 2019, Bic, the French group, experienced significant sales volume across various product categories. The graph depicts the number of units sold in million for each category. Interestingly, Bic’s sales figures reveal the staggering volume of almost 7 billion paper products sold worldwide in the same year.

How Many BIC Pens Are Sold Each Year?

BIC, a renowned French group, witnessed significant sales volume across it’s product categories in the year 20According to data presented in a graph, the sales were measured in million units. In that year, approximately 7 billion paper products were sold globally by Bic. This staggering figure signifies the expansive reach and popularity enjoyed by the brand.

The graph provides no specific break-up of the sales volume across Bics diverse product range. However, it’s evident that Bics paper products were in high demand, as they contributed to the vast majority of the sales volume. This indicates a strong consumer preference for Bics paper-related products, such as ballpoint pens, markers, and stationery supplies.

Bics impressive sales performance in 2019 paints a picture of a brand that’s established a significant market presence. The billions of paper products sold suggest that Bic has effectively captured the attention and loyalty of customers worldwide. Perhaps this can be attributed to the brands reputation for producing reliable and durable writing instruments, which are widely recognized and trusted by consumers.

Furthermore, the sales volume figures highlight Bics global reach, as the company successfully supplies it’s products across various regions and continents. This widespread distribution network presents Bic with a significant advantage, as it enables the brand to tap into different markets and capitalize on diverse consumer preferences. It demonstrates the brands ability to adapt it’s offerings to meet the needs of consumers from different cultural backgrounds.


In conclusion, assessing the market share of Bic pens requires a comprehensive analysis of multiple factors, including global distribution, consumer demand, and competitor performance. Bic has established itself as a dominant player in the pen industry, renowned for it’s affordability, reliability, and diversity of product offerings. However, it’s important to note that exact figures regarding Bic's market share aren’t readily available, as this information is constantly changing due to market dynamics and evolving consumer preferences.

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