How to Disable the Bypass Tray on Xerox VersaLink

The Xerox VersaLink is a versatile printer that offers a wide range of advanced features and functionality, including a bypass tray for handling special print jobs. However, you may encounter instances where you need to disable or remove the bypass tray from the printer. This could be due to various reasons, such as needing to clean or service the tray, or simply not needing it’s functionality for a specific job. Firstly, navigate to the printer control panel and press the Home button to access the menu. Once in the Paper Trays menu, you’ll see an icon for the bypass tray. Choose this option to begin adjusting the settings. If you wish to change the paper or envelope size, simply touch the current size setting and select the desired size from the available options. Finally, to ensure that your settings are saved and implemented, touch the OK button.

How Do I Change the Tray Settings on My Versalink B405?

If you’re looking to change the tray settings on your Versalink B405, there are a few simple steps you can follow. First, press the Home button on the printer control panel to access the main menu. From there, navigate to the Device section and select Paper Trays. This will bring up a menu showing the available trays on your printer.

To change the tray settings, simply touch the tray you want to modify. This will bring up a sub-menu with various options. To dedicate the tray for a specific paper size, type, or color, select the Tray Mode option. From there, you can choose the Dedicated mode, which will ensure that the selected tray is solely used for the chosen paper settings.

How to Change Default Tray Settings on a Versalink B405

To change the default tray settings on a Versalink B405 printer, you simply need to follow these steps:

1. Power on the printer and navigate to the main menu on the printer’s display screen.

2. Scroll through the menu options until you find “Settings” or a similar option.

3. Select “Settings” and look for a sub-menu titled “Paper Tray” or “Tray Configuration.”

4. Enter the submenu and you should see a list of available paper trays. Choose the tray you want to modify.

5. Adjust the default settings for that particular tray, such as the paper size, type, and color options.

6. Once you’ve made the desired changes, save the settings and exit the menu.

The next time you print a document, the printer will automatically use the new default tray settings that you’ve configured. Keep in mind that these steps may vary slightly depending on the specific model or firmware version of your Versalink B405 printer.

To disable Tray 5 on a Xerox printer, you can follow simple steps from the control panel. By pressing the Machine Status button and navigating to Device Settings > Tray Confirmation Screens, you’ll be able to select Tray 5 and choose the option to disable it. Remember to log in as an administrator to access this feature. Once you’ve made your selection, don’t forget to touch OK to save the changes.

How Do I Turn Off Xerox Tray 5?

If you’re looking to turn off Tray 5 on your Xerox printer, you can easily do so using the control panel. To access this feature, you’ll need to log in as an administrator. Once you’ve done that, press the Machine Status button on the control panel. This will direct you to the Device Settings menu. From there, navigate to the Tray Confirmation Screens option. Here, you’ll find a list of trays available on your printer.

This feature is designed to provide flexibility and convenience to the printer user. Additionally, it helps to streamline the printing process by eliminating unnecessary tray use.

How to Troubleshoot Common Issues With Xerox Tray 5

When encountering problems with Xerox Tray 5, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can follow. First, ensure that the tray is properly inserted and aligned in the printer. Next, check if there’s any paper jammed in the tray or the paper path. Clear any obstructions if found. Additionally, verify that the paper size and type settings on the printer match the paper loaded in Tray 5. If the issue persists, try restarting the printer and updating it’s firmware. If all else fails, contact Xerox customer support for further assistance.


In conclusion, to disable the bypass tray on the Xerox VersaLink printer, you can easily remove it by following these simple steps. From there, select the bypass tray icon and choose the desired paper or envelope size. Once the settings have been adjusted, simply touch OK to save them.

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