Does Kamvas 13 Have a Stand?

One standout feature of this tablet is it’s adjustable stand, which allows you to find the perfect angle for comfortable and efficient drawing. This is a game-changer for artists who want to avoid strain and fatigue during marathon drawing sessions. Additionally, the Kamvas 13 is compatible with a wide range of operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux, and even Android devices. This means you can use your Kamvas 13 with popular creative software such as Illustrator, Photoshop, SAI, Krita, and Medibang, among others.

Does the Kamvas 22 Come With a Stand?

The Kamvas 22, a popular drawing tablet from Huion, is designed to provide artists with a seamless and comfortable drawing experience. One of the key features that ensures absolute comfort while working is it’s included stand. Unlike some other drawing tablets, the Kamvas 22 Plus comes with a stand that can easily adjust to your preferred working position. This allows you to work in complete comfort, whether you prefer a more upright position or a slightly tilted angle.

The stand is both sturdy and flexible, ensuring that it can support the weight of the Kamvas 22 Plus and be adjusted to your desired position without any wobbling or instability. This means you can focus on your artwork without having to worry about the tablet or the stand shifting or moving around. The stand also provides a secure and reliable base for the tablet, preventing it from sliding or slipping during use.

Moreover, the stand is ergonomically designed to provide optimal comfort for prolonged drawing sessions. It allows you to easily find the perfect working angle that suits your style and preferences, reducing strain on your neck, back, and wrists. Whether youre drawing, sketching, or illustrating, having a stand that supports your tablet at the ideal angle can make a significant difference in your overall comfort and productivity.

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The Huion Kamvas 13 drawing pen display offers incredible flexibility and functionality with it’s adjustable stand, allowing artists to work at their optimal angle. However, it’s important to note that this device isn’t standalone. In order to use the Kamvas 13, it must be connected to a computer or Android device running Windows, Mac, Linux, or Android OS.

Is Huion Kamvas 13 Standalone?

The Huion Kamvas 13 is a drawing pen display that offers artists a seamless and immersive drawing experience. Designed to enhance creativity, this device isn’t a standalone product and requires a computer or Android device to function. Whether you’re a professional artist or a beginner, the Kamvas 13 is a powerful tool that can take your artwork to the next level.

One of the standout features of the Kamvas 13 is the adjustable stand that’s included with the device. This allows you to set the display at the perfect angle for your comfort and to optimize your creative process. With the ability to adjust the stand, you can create at your best angle, preventing discomfort or strain that may hinder your artistic progress.

To use the Kamvas 13, simply connect it to your desired computer or Android device. It’s compatible with various operating systems including Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. This versatility allows users to seamlessly integrate the Kamvas 13 into their existing creative workflow without any compatibility issues.

The pressure-sensitive pen allows for precise and accurate input, enabling artists to create intricate details and smooth lines. The combination of the pen display and the adjustable stand ensures that you can work comfortably and efficiently, enabling you to fully unleash your creativity.

Comparison With Other Drawing Pen Displays

  • Wacom Cintiq Pro 24
  • XP-Pen Artist 22 Pro
  • Huion Kamvas Pro 24
  • Microsoft Surface Studio 2
  • Parblo Coast16
  • Apple iPad Pro (2018)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+
  • GAOMON PD1560
  • Lenovo Yoga C940
  • ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo


Not only does it come with an adjustable stand, allowing you to create at your preferred angle, but it’s also compatible with a wide range of operating systems including Windows, macOS, Linux, and even Android devices.

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